VIDEO: Managers Put People First

“What is it you really do?”

That question was posed to my wife, a senior health care executive, during a conversation with a student who was interning in her institute.

To anyone in management, the question will raise a smile. Unless you have been a manager, you may not know exactly what management is or what managers actually do.

Here’s my answer: Managers get things done right.

Effective managers are those who succeed by bringing out the best in those who work for them.

My wife provides the resources but expects staff to do their work the best way they can do it. She is there as a backstop, but she hires people she knows can do the job well.

Most importantly, she does right by people.

And, when that happens, people want to do right by their manager. Their desire to succeed becomes intertwined with the team’s mission.

Getting things done right is a manager’s responsibility.

First posted on 11/16/2018