VIDEO: Leading from the Middle

There is a lot of literature about how to get to the top of your profession. By comparison, there is scant information about how to be a good middle manager.

The term “middle management” is an amorphous term. It can be someone who manages two people as well as an SVP who manages a global workforce. “Middle” does not adequately describe the range of responsibility such a manager has.

Managing from the middle is a balancing act. You want to do your best by helping the team and the boss succeed.

Good middle managers do these things well:

  • Understand the big picture — where the organization is headed
  • Root out problems — find way around or through obstacles that derail lesser teams
  • Work with colleagues — live by the mantra: from me to we
  • Speak the truth

Good middle managers are not yes people. They gain credence through their competence, diligence and conscience.

First Posted on 2/8/2019Fi